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Moab, Utah's Home Valuation Authority

It doesn't matter what type of home is in question. Our knowledge of local neighborhoods and formal training as licensed appraisers make us qualified to provide home valuations for clients ranging from national mortgage companies to local lenders or individual businesses and consumers.  The graph below shows the average and median (mid-point) sales prices for stick-built homes in the Moab Valley area from 2009 to 2019. It would appear that 2019 has been a very good year; as of December 31st, 2019, the average sales price for the year was $417,683, and the median (mid-point) sales price was $366,524.  (Whereas, the 2018 average sales price of stick-built homes for the Moab valley area was $405,254.)

As of March 18th, 2020, the local MLS (multiple listing service) shows that the lowest available stick-built detached home listing (not already under contract) is listed at $395,000. Thereby illustrating that there is a shortage of inventory for affordable single-family stick-built homes in the Moab Valley area.

 Moab Appraisal Inc. in Moab is ready to perform appraisals for any of the following:      

  Determining market value on real estate involved in a bankruptcy
  Divorce settlements when the value of the shared home is required 

 – Reporting current or past market value
 – Setting your home's listing price whether you're a consumer wanting to do a FSBO or an agent working with a homeowner
 – Appraisal review: Reviewing the work of other appraisers
 – Increasing your HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
 – Loan originators needing an experienced County appraiser
 – A reliable witness for court cases involving the valuation of a home
 – Employee relocation appraisals
 – Tax Challenges (reducing property taxes) if you live in an area where house prices have declined